Personally, I think this is an example of people being too overly sensitive. I see nothing wrong with dressing in these costumes on the one day of the year we can don another identity. I know, I know, what right does a white girl from a predominantly white neighbourhood have saying this? But it’s true, I think people need to lighten up a bit.

For Halloween I wore a Chinese cheungsam. The main argument against wearing any sort of asian inspired costumes are that they are overly sexualized. This is true in a lot of cases, sexy geishas are a very prominant halloween costume among young girls. But we’re part of a generation that can literally buy a sexy watermelon costume. The point being is sex is such a large part of the media today that literally any costume you can think of probably has a sexy alternative. Geishas are far from being singled out.

Not to mention there are many tv shows that poke fun of different nationalities regularly. Family Guy, Southpark even The Simpsons. Are we really that sensitive as a society that we can’t enjoy a little self-deprecating humour once in a while?